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Cancer. Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen, ask questions, have a conversation…

At 50 I was diagnosed with terminal blood cancer and given 5 – 6 years to live, if I had chemotherapy. Less if I didn’t. It was a massive shock, yes, but I love a challenge and knew it would go on to help others with what I learned. At 52 I had a stem cell transplant and was given only 48 hours to live, at 54 I was given just 24 hours and at 56 I had 98% cancer and told I had 12 hours to live.

However, despite a few close shaves with The Grim Reaper, I am delighted to report that I not only learned the art of not dying, but survived,  thrived and just before my 58th birthday I was officially in FULL REMISSION!  No evidence of cancer in my blood at all!

The 7.5 years of treatment were a roller-coaster ride full of ups, downs, experiments, side-effects and valuable life lessons. I had to learn to slow down, lower my stress levels, say no, drink more water. eat healthily and stop working too hard and burning out.

I needed a reason to prefer being at home than in hospital, so bought a puppy who provides love, joy and laughter every day. I am needed. My cancer went down and down and I gradually reduced the treatment – then in April 2023 it disappeared. My little dog was 20 months old and it became clear that, for me, unconditional love was the key to becoming well again. Miracles DO happen!

I hope that by sharing my story I will help those with a cancer diagnosis to look forward, stay positive, believe they will heal and create a new future full of hope and joy.

I do hope something on my website touches your heart and inspires you in some way.

Much love

Kay x




In 2011, an NHS Patient Experience Framework document was created that contains targets for Patient Experience Managers working in NHS Trusts around the UK. (You can read the framework document here)

Right from the moment of my terminal cancer diagnosis I knew in my heart that my purpose was to survive and help others.

As a patient partner, I am working with Patient Experience Managers on a number of pilot projects to improve patient hydration levels and encourage staff to explain the benefits of staying hydrated during treatment.

This is just the start…

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DISCLAIMER: I am sharing what worked for me. I do not claim to be a medical professional, nor am I advising you to self-medicate, try different diets, remedies or refuse treatment without consulting your doctor first. I am, however, suggesting you take responsibility for your own healing and make up your own mind as to what’s right for you.