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Kay’s Tips…

“Happiness is a choice. I chose to enjoy the ride, no matter what!”


From my experience…

  • Drink plenty of  WATER –  it can reduce sickness and side-effects whilst flushing, harmful toxins out of your body (more info on my Hydration page)
  • Believe you WILL stay alive and recover. Focus on your future and celebrate every win.
  • Treat your cancer with curiosity and pull on your project pants  –  work with your doctor to find out what works for YOU!
  • Look for the joy, take time in nature, don’t stop having fun. Using positive affirmations each morning can really help.
  • Gentle movement will help heal and repair your mind, body and spirit – try Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Music, Mindfulness.
  • Pain happens but don’t sit and suffer – ask for help from your doctor. I found distracting myself, taking a walk, drawing and focusing on enjoyable things helpful.
  • Breathe deeply, love deeply, be grateful and look after yourself
  • Go for a walk in nature every morning if you can. Start the day with sunshine not sadness
  • Sleep and rest when you need to – don’t run around after everyone else
  • Pace yourself – especially if you feel stress might have contributed to your illness
  • Treat your body well, do your research, eat healthily (that’s non-alcoholic wine in the photo!)
  • Listen to opinions of others, but do your own thing. This is YOUR body, YOUR life, YOUR journey!


DISCLAIMER: I am sharing what worked and works for me. I do not claim to be a medical professional, nor am I advising you to self-medicate, try different diets, remedies or refuse treatment without consulting your doctor first. I am, however, suggesting you take responsibility for your own healing and make up your own mind as to what’s right for you.