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Water is the most important
substance in the world!

Our bodies are 75% water at birth, reducing to 50-60% as adults and staying well-hydrated is critical to our optimum health and survival. Drinking plenty of water during cancer treatment is important to help flush the toxins through our bodies with the least damage to our healthy cells.

Also, did you know it’s much easier to take blood samples from hydrated veins? Who knew?

After 4 years of sickness, suffering and awful side effects from my cancer treatment, I tried drinking more water and the difference was miraculous!

*Scroll down to see the before and after photos on the poster I designed for patients to download and take into hospital with them.

(Stay safe: check with your doctor before increasing your water intake)

Does the quality of the water we drink really matter? Adeline Galligan says YES!

Going into hospital? Download a poster and put it on the wall to remind you to stay hydrated!


DISCLAIMER: Although, most people would benefit from drinking more water, if you are undergoing medical treatment please check with your doctor before increasing your water intake – in some cases there may be a good reason why that wouldn’t be advisable.