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Conversations with Cancer

Book currently in development…
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In this humorous, inspiring and ground-breaking book, Kay invites us to challenge any assumptions and outdated beliefs we may have about cancer, takes the fear out of it, encourages patients to take responsibility for their own healing and questions whether ‘fighting cancer’ is actually a good idea at all.

Kay explains why she believes her terminal blood cancer was the result of a simple biological miscommunication caused by overwork and long-term stress – providing experiential and medical evidence to back her theory up.

With chapters entitled: ‘Pull On Your Project Pants’, ‘My Reboot & Upgrade’, ‘Tea With The Grim Reaper’ and ‘No Visitors Please’, you will laugh, cry and applaud as you read this unusual account of a fiercely independent girl who decided that she didn’t want to keep fighting her cancer – she wanted to understand it, make friends with it, live with it, have fun with it, make a deal with it and get on with her life.

Miracles can happen! Don’t just survive…THRIVE!


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